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Fargo Police - Summer Distracted Driving Enforcement

2016-03-31 08:45:00

Distracted Driving

According to Valley News Live, "Fargo Police are about to start a major campaign against texting and driving.

The special enforcement campaign starts Friday April 1 and goes through the end of September, it's part of a statewide effort to reduce distracted driving.

In addition to looking for individuals who are driving while distracted, Fargo Police say officers will be watching for speeding, red light violations, stop sign violations, seat belt violations and lane and right-of-way violations in key points throughout the city.

Officials from around the country say distracted driving is becoming a dangerous epidemic on America's roadways.

According to a news release announce the enhanced enforcement effort research has shown that high visibility enforcement, including the risk of tickets and finds, is more effective at curbing distracted driving than a driver’s fear of being injured or killed in a crash."

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