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Lake Life - Fall Close Up Checklist

2015-07-15 13:25:00


Fall at the lake cabin means cooler nights, racking leaves, wine by the campfire and the dreaded close up checklist. Closing up isn’t fun but finalizes the end to another great summer full of memories. 

Use the checklist below as a guide or to inspire your own. Use this at your own judgment. Download Checklist Here 

- Remove perishable food and store the rest (flour, sugar, etc.) in metal containers
- Pack up bottles and cans that contain liquids that could freeze
- Clean out cupboards
- Vacuum and clean floors; scrub counters
- Store bedding in plastic containers with covers
- Forward mail; call agent to put storage coverage on any vehicles left at cabin
- Call the telephone company to temporarily suspend
- Set off insect "bombs" or "foggers", if desired
- Lock doors and secure exterior.    
- Egg toss – our family tradition is to throw the left over eggs into the woods and try and hit all the trees.

- Stack/store lawn and deck furniture
- Wrap shrubs; cover tender perennials
- Check and/or replace window well covers
- Pull boat in and store; winterize boat motors
- Pull in the dock and lifts
-Consider adding some Downy dryer sheets under boat covers to keep the mice away. Not sure why it works.

- Shut off water pump to prevent possible freezing pipes
- Drain water tank and water heater
- Open all faucets and drain completely
- Drain water filter housing and remove cartridge (new cartridge will be added in spring)
- Flush toilets 
- Clean out drain traps 
- Drain dishwasher and washing machine 

- Unplug all appliances
- Turn off furnace at main switch only if plumbing is turned off
- Turn off circuit breakers to pump, hot water heater, stove, oven and garage

- If keeping heat on, consider installing a remote access thermostat to alert you when temps go below a setting you choose. Check out Nest.com and control it with your iPad or smart phone. We love ours. 

Make this event fun by starting a tradition. About ten years ago doing closing weekend we ran across a dozen eggs we needed to get rid of. My family decided to make it a game and all stand on the deck and see who could hit a tree the farthest away. So much fun! Its evolved over the years to now we end up buying dozens of eggs just for close up weekend. My grandma “GG” says the shells are a good source of calcium for animals. Until next year, when we can do cannon balls in the lake and make s’mores by the fire and end that summer with more egg throwing. 

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