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Top 5 Safest Used Cars for Teens

2015-06-06 13:25:00

Cars and Teens

Buying a car for a teen driver takes strategy. It might be easier to buy the cheap model down the road or give a hand me down from an older sibling or grandparent, but it might not be the best option for a new driver. 

Safety first! It sounds corny but seriously, safety. Buying used is a great option but don’t get anything that is too old to have anti-lock brakes and front airbags. In fact, I’ve seen enough claims to know you can never have enough air bags. Steer clear of pickup trucks because they have a tendency to roll over and cause more injuries. Also, sports cars are tempting but usually result in speeding tickets and have a much higher percentage of accidents. 

Let’s get down to the top five best used cars from consumer reports data and the highway patrol institute. Drumroll please… 

  1. Ford Focus 2009-2011
  2. Hyundai Elantra SE 2008-2010
  3. Mazda3 2011-2013
  4. Mazda6  2009-2013
  5. Subaru Impreza – non turbo 2009-2013 

See a trend? Yup, it’s the small or midsized sedan. It has the safety, affordability and controllability for a new driver. New vehicles can be expensive for young drivers for many reasons but ultimately it boils down to the fact they will most likely have an accident in the first year or two. That is a statistical fact that drives teen rates so high. Keep in mind all vehicles are not created equal so make sure the older the car gets the better the inspection to make sure it stays on the road. Get crash results for cars here. 

What’s the next step? Call your agent with the 17 digit VIN number to check rates. After you purchase the right car, figure out how to title it by reading our article, “My child bought a car, who should insure it?” 

If you have questions about other makes /models or want a quote please call our office at 701-237-6414 and ask for Denise, Becky or Janice. You can also email us at info@warnerandcompany.com 

*List provided by ConsumerReports.com

*Photo from Pinterest at Lawyer.com